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Login – Troubleshooting MWCC Login Issues

Account Creation Timeline


  • All student accounts EXCEPT Blackboard are created once the student is accepted to MWCC.
  • Student Blackboard accounts are created approximately 3 hours after the student registers for courses.


  • All Employee accounts EXCEPT Blackboard are created after MWCC Human Resources sends a request to the IT department.
  • Employee Blackboard accounts are created approximately 3 hours after the user is assigned to a course in Banner.

Self Help Username Lookup Tool (Student Only)

Have the user:

  • Go to https://iconnect.mwcc.edu
  • Click Student Password Reset
  • On the next screen, Enter the required information & click on Submit.

  • On the next screen, user will get the “Username” with the current Password

Self Help Forgot Password / Reset Tool (Student Only)

  • Go to https://iconnect.mwcc.edu
  • Click Forgot Your Password?
  • Fill out the form and click Submit.
    • NOTE: Unless you believes that someone else has her password, No need to check the ‘Generate a new password’ box at the bottom.
    • If you chooses to generate a new password, it may take UP TO 3 HOURS to sync with Blackboard. Other systems (student email, iConnect, etc.) are not affected by this delay.

If you receives an error, check the following issues:

  1. Ensure that the date of birth was entered in the correct format:  MM/DD/YYYY
    1. Problems with this field occur with incorrect separators. Hyphen and backslash, for example.
    2. Problems also occur when users do not put in the full 4-digit year.
  2. User should check the box at the bottom of the form.
  3. If ALL of this fails to resolve the problem:
    1. Students: Student can contact MWCC Records Office at 978-630-9106
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