Wireless – Connecting to the MWCC Wireless Network

MWCC Employees/Students

  • All employees/students have the ability to connect to Eduroam. Please use your email/MWCC computer logon credentials to log on to Eduroam. Employees and students have to include after your username (ex. or

Logging into Eduroam:

  • Select Eduroam from the list of networks on your device
  • Enter your institution credentials. (Username is usually your full email address ex.
  • Accept any certificates if prompted.

Eduroam informational materials:

Eduroam is a wireless campus network secured by high grade encryption. UMass, MA state universities and community colleges are using Eduroam which allows you to seamlessly connect to other Eduroam networks while visiting as a guest at any participating institution using your MWCC credentials

MWCC Web Login (Guests Access)

  • Guest access to WiFi is granted through the MWCC Web login page through a text enabled device. This is an unencrypted and unsecured connection to the Internet. Depending on your device type, a page will either automatically appear while you are in the connection screen or you may need to open up a web browser and point to a non-https website such as

More information is available on the website at: Guest Access

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