Out of Office Is Sending Replies Despite Not Being Enabled in Office 365

Issue: The Out-of-Office feature may send replies even if it has never been enabled in your new Office 365 Exchange Online account. This is often due to the Out-of-Office feature being enabled on the campus Exchange service at the time of mailbox migration.


  • Solution: 
    • Log in to your Office 365 account at
    • Select the “Mail” button from the apps window in the top left corner.
    • Once logged in to Outlook, click the gear in the upper right corner and choose “Options.”
    • Expand the “Mail” list in the left-side menu and then “Automatic Processing.”
    • Click on Automatic replies and select “Send automatic replies” in the dialogue box that opens.
    • Click “Save.” Then reopen “Automatic Replies” and select “Don’t send automatic replies.”
    • Click “Save” and then close the “Automatic Replies” box.
    • Send a test message to yourself to test that automatic replies are no longer being sent.
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